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Children and Staffs of Subhadra Mahatab Seva Sadan (SMSS) at G.Udayagiri Center have celebrated the International Yoga Day -2019. International Yoga Day is observed on 21st June every year around the world. It is also known as World Yoga Day. It was first celebrated on 21 June, 2015. Shatkarmas” include six groups of purification practices. They remove the toxins from body channels to improve the flow of Prana in different body parts. Shatkarmas create harmony between two major pranic flows, Ida and Pingala, to attain physical and mental purification and balance. These practices are advised before āsana, prānāyāma and other higher Yoga practices for successful progression of spiritual journey. The six main groups of Shatkarmas are Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Trātaka, Nauli and Kapālabhāti. These techniques should be taught by an experienced and qualified persons, not only theoretically but practically too. Dhauti kriyas are mainly meant for cleansing of upper part of gastro intestinal tract. ‘Dhauti’ is useful for patients of Hyper acidity, Flatulence and Bronchial Asthama. Basti is the process of cleansing the rectum and large intestine. It is useful for patients of constipation. Neti is the process of cleansing of nasal passages. Two major types of it are Jala Neti and Sutra Neti. Neti is beneficial in case of sinusities, Allergic Rhinitis and Migraine. Trātaka is the process of intense gazing at one point or object without blinking the eyes. It helps to improve eye-sight, concentration and memory power. Nauli Kriya is the process of massaging and strengthening of abdominal organs, by clockwise and anticlockwise rolling of Ractii muscles. Nauli improves appetite and digestion and removes constipation. Kapālbhāti is a cleansing technique intend to purify the frontal part of brain. It helps to destroy the imbalance of kapha dosha and facilitate to practice Prānāyāma.

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INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY-2019 SMSS is celebrated the International Day of Yoga in their premises with inmates and staffs. International Day of Yoga, or commonly and unofficially referred to as Yoga Day, is celebrated annually on 21 June since its inception in 2015. An international day for yoga was declared unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice originated in India.

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Old Age Home inmates at Gopalpur on Sea celebrated the "RAJO" Mahtosava in their Centers. Raja Festival is the best festival of orissa. It’s also known as Raja Sankranti or Mithun Sankranti or Swing festival. We, oriyas celebrate it in a unique way with doli and pitha(cake). Poda Pitha, Chakuli Pitha, Aamba (mangoes), Panasa are the among the special dishes and foods, we usually love to eat in Raja. Unmarried girls of Odia family celebrate it with pana and swinging in doli with rajo song ” Banaste dakila gaja, Barashake thare aasichhi raja “.

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SMSS inmates celebrated the "Rajo" Festival in the Campus at Subhadra Mahtab Seva Sadan. The festival, which started as a tribal practice, has now spread to all parts of Odisha. Though it has undergone a lot of changes over time, it still revolves around respecting and celebrating women and Children. Today is Raja Sankranti. Raja is a unique festival of Orissa. It is celebrated for 3 days continuously, as Pahiliraja, Raja Sankranti and Bhuin daana. Young girls wear new clothes and put Alaktaka in their feet on the occasion. There are various types of dolies, such as Chakra doli, Baunsa doli, jhula doli, Agi doli etc.

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The Ayurved Geriatric Research Centre was launched by the Subhadra Mahtab Seva Sadan (SMSS) on 31 May, 2019 in the premises of SMSS at Kolathia, Bhubaneswar. The Purpose of the research centre is to provide medicines to the geriatric patients and conduct research on geriatric diseases. The centre is new initiative of the SMSS in the field of geriatric health care. The Deputy Director of AYUSH, under Govt of Odisha Mr Nigama prasad Naik inaugurated the Ayurved Geriatric Research Centre. A meeting was held on this occasion in the premises of SMSS where eminent Ayurved Researchers and Practitioner prof. Gopal C. Nanda , Prof.Dr Binodini Tripathy, Dr. Prabhu Padabinada Acharya , Dr. Sarat Ch. Mishra and founder Cum Secretary of SMSS Mr. Niranajan Mohanty, Assitant Secretary of SMSS Mrs. Anita Manjari Samal spoke in the inaugural ceremony of the center

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The Friends of Ado visited the Subhadra Mahtab Seva Sadan (SMSS) centers at Bhubaneswar Children's Home, At G Udayagiri Children's Home, Chakapada Health Centers & NFE centers in Kandhamal District and Old Age Home and Swadhar Home at Gopalpur-on-sea in Ganjam District of Odisha. They enjoyed their visit with the inmates and staff of the SMSS.

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Our Old Age Home managed by Subhadra Mahatab Seva Sadan Superintendent Ms. Sabitri Debata has awarded in the "Mother's Day" Our Secretary and Inmates are very happy to know awarded in the occasion. All staffs, inmates and also Secretary of SMSS have Wishes to long life in the walk way and always God Bless always with you.

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SMSS inmates celebrated the Mother's Day on second sunday of month of May in her institutions. All Children are wishes to "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" to our Assistant Secretary , House Mother's, Ayahs. All Mother's are presented in the Holy Day and blessing to Children how to be a well person in the society. Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world.

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The ferocious cyclone named as Fani hit hard the Odisha coast on May 03, 2019 with wind speed at 200 kms per hour. When the cyclone passed, it lashed out at Bhubaneswar unleashing a reign of terror demolishing houses and big trees besides creating deluge-like situations. Many parts of our building at Bhubaneswar children’s Home, G. Udayagiri Children’s home and Swadhar Homes in Kandhamal District, Old Age Home at Gopalpur-on-sea and Swadhar Home in Ganjam district have been destroyed during cyclone which has also pulled down many fruit bearing trees in those campuses of our organisatition. The inmates and staff of our organisation have braved the storm and are how suffering a lot under impact of the super cyclone.